It’s been a few months since I have been able to lace these boots up all the way. There was a broken hook at the top. Since my shoe guy in Asheville couldn’t fix it, I had decided to only lace them up as far as I could. That plan did leave me with long dangly laces and bows. I even tried a new, shorter pair of laces, but that just looked absolutely silly on these old boots.

Well, on the way through Pensacola, Florida I saw a sign for the Pensacola Shoe Hospital & the Boot Store. Sure enough, a $5 repair fixed everything.

This is my first time being on the Gulf Shore. My goodness, it is beautiful. If my face is ever on a milk carton, look for me here!

Thursday morning, I registered at the Floma-Bama Lounge with the Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival and have settled in to a very comfortable room at the River House…this is the place for the “all-night jams” and “song writings” that are legendary around here. Every time I think that I have shaken a stick at all the songwriters here, I’ll see a few more.  There’s just so many. Most have multiple Grammys and other awards, so I think it might average out to 2 or 3 per person. That’s not so intimidating, eh?

I have four performances scheduled during this festival. They’re listed on my events page. I am looking forward to these. I plan on spending more time learning than I will be performing. That’s the part that I am really looking forward to. It is an opportunity for which I am very grateful.

So, metaphorically speaking, it IS time to lace up my boots (all the way) and get busy. That’s the plan.

Peace y’all,


64 All Hallows Eve suns have passed over Hiram King Williams's grave. Today, I was there for one. I stood alone in the Oakland Cemetery Annex in Montgomery, Alabama beside the grave of Hank Williams. I read the words that his wife Audrey had inscribed on his monument. I read the words that Hank Jr. had inscribed on hers. A Monday in Montgomery, Alabama.

I also visited a Rosa Parks Memorial. I read memorials that commemorate Montgomery's bodacious involvement in the slave market. I read memorials to murders. I read memorials to lives that changed us all. I read the story about "Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs." It was a heavy day in Montgomery, Alabama.

I also found the new location of the Hank Williams statue. Well, like I said, it was a heavy day in Montgomery. I don't see Montgomery, Alabama as the resting place of Hiram King Williams anymore. I see it as the place of birth for a movement that brings us all closer to One. That should be our goal anyway, eh?


Peace Y'all,


Tonight, I'm putting some Kiwi polish on my boots. It's something I used to do most Saturday nights growing up that I spent with my Grandpa Harding. We'd play music also on Saturday night.

I spent a good deal of time in the Army putting Kiwi putting polish on my boots. My rational was that if me and an enemy ran out of bullets, we'd decide the battle by whomever had the shiniest boots.

There's also some time to polish on my guitar...not with a rag, rubbing in some kind of oil or grease on it. It's the kind of polishing that brings out melodies and chords. The damned thing isn't made to sit in a corner and look pretty.

Thoughts I have while shining my boots get played out on the strings of an old familiar friend. By the way, I'm still missing a pair of boots after my recent move. If you see them wandering, send them home. If they are headed somewhere, let them go.

Peace, Y'all,

I usually judge the complexity of my life by the number and organization of the keys that I carry around. This may not be entirely accurate, but it is a good indicator. Just casually, I counted fifteen keys. It will probably stay that way for a few more weeks.

My basic ring has a key to the car, house, basement shop, garage, and a spare to my wife’s car. That's pretty simple. There’s also my MVP card, a carabiner and of course an Army issued P-38. Hey, just while writing this, I’ve simplified the basic ring down to four keys.  The rest can be detached and kept in the car for use when I need them.

I usually do this as my New Year’s resolution, but I didn’t get around to that this year. I’ve let nine months of “busy” pile up on me.

Again, I am going to simplify. In just a few weeks, I am going to the Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival in Perdido Key, Florida, centered around the Flora-Bama Lounge.

It’s not a vacation. I’ll be performing over a span of 11 days with 200+ other songwriters in 30 venues. It’ll be work. It will be a learning.  But it will be simple, performing as often as I can for people coming to listen and listening as often as I can to the many accomplished songwriters there to perform. Simple. One key on my ring. (A spare car key will be in my left pocket. That’s sage advice from musician Kerry Grombacher.)

On October 27, One Of A Kind Art Gallery in Micaville will kick off my Southern Travels Tour 2016. I am booking dates in Johnson City, Athens/Atlanta, Columbus, and hopefully Apalachicola, on the way down to The FBIS Festival. My goodness, what a time it will be, eh?

Every chance I get, I mention that I am looking for gigs. Any kind, anywhere along the way. I am looking for coffeehouses, diners, dives, pubs, street corners, porches, backyards, jailhouses, cemeteries, barns, house concerts, home schools, book stores, vacant lots, libraries, pastures, kitchens, living rooms, dying rooms and vestibules ... anywhere to plant a foot and play a song on the way down to Perdido Key, Florida and back. If you have any friends, please let them know! 

Let’s gather wherever we may and enjoy company and music.

Peace Y'all,


Well, it’s Labor Day, already.



Life gets to be a blur sometimes. Things seem to come at such a pace, there is often little time to breathe. Sowing and reaping, mostly. There are gardens I planted long ago that still need tending, but I am in the process of plowing new fields. Fields that I want to cultivate and grow.

A recent “inventory” and a 1, 2, 5, and 10-year goal planning exercise have given me a more clearly defined focus on the endeavors that are going to require more attention. It’s still all about the music. It’s the “Blues, Folk, and Ballads.” That’s the mule pulling this plow. I just have to narrow and straighten the furrow.

Unlike the Little Red Hen, I do have plenty of help sowing, reaping, thrashing and baking. I am grateful to friends and family, fans, venues, and supporters that make it possible to do what I so very much enjoy.  My debt is to all of you. It is immeasurable.


One really awesome thing that resulted from my attending  the SERFA conference –  after talking with other performers and managers, then following up with reading and research – is that I now have a better understanding of how to use the tools I have. There are also tools that I can use to be more effective in my writing, in my performing, and in expanding the audiences I reach.

As much as I’d like to perform all the time, there is still a business part of the equation to tend to. There are the details of bookings, promotions, managing, finances, keeping a car running … intertwined with things like housing, clothes, food, relationships … I don’t always keep things properly balanced, but I do try.

Well, there are lots of things coming up soon. I’ll be co-hosting the Open Mic at Zuma in Marshall, NC on Wednesday (8/3).  I’ll be playing in Burnsville, NC at the Mt. Mitchell Crafts Fair both on Friday (8/5) with “Ragged, But Right” and again solo on Saturday (8/6) at 11:15. That same Saturday at 7pm, I’ll be playing with “Sundance” at Spoon in Spruce Pine, NC.

And next week is even busier!  Whoot. Anyway, check out my calendar on my web page. I hope to see you at a show or two. Time with friends is never poorly spent.  

Peace, Y’all,


That's all it is, (with a variation of one chord.) 

I recently wrote a song and recorded the video “Sam Stone Day.”  It started one morning when I woke up singing "Sam Stone" by John Prine. I reflected on my own experiences and the experiences of friends. This story/song is a snapshot of a horrible problem today. 

The video is on my webpage. This is for anyone that has ever worn dog tags and the noose associated with wearing them. It is also for their families and friends.

Sam Stone Day by David Wiseman - da6d

What kind of day is it going to be

If I wake up singing

The story of “Sam Stone?”


Of course it's raining.

I feel thunder in my head 

And nowhere to not be alone.


Under a roof with one wall,

The place where I'm living,

The only bridge I haven't burned.


From here I look around

There's only one step farther down.

One more balloon would help me float away.


But not today,

Why there's free breakfast and a parade.

Tomorrow, it's all back to the same.


It's just a G.I. Bill

That's never getting paid.

I'd have done better coming back home in a bag.


Days at an intersection

With a can and a cardboard sign.

Gets me just enough junk to dull my mind.


This cough that I've got,

It sure bothers me a lot.

Some fatal syndrome with a funny name.


What's left inside hurts worse

Than any other pain.

As the devils wrestle in my brain.


I could visit the Facility

Take a number, stand in line.

With everybody else that's dying.


Fill out a few more forms. This one's expired.

We'll contact you. You're not qualified.

Our system is down. That's not my department.

Can I put you on hold?

Can we put you in the program?

We're going to punch you in the computer.

We're going to give you a referral.

Maybe a decent burial.

How about a flag for your widow?

And a certificate suitable for framing.

Is there anything else we can help you with?


Thank you for your service.


Have a nice day.


Please feel free to share this video from youtube or from my facebook page.


Peace Y'all,


8 TV's and 8-ball Bar and Grill is not the best place to go hear music. It’s a great place to yell to have a conversation, to watch five games on a big screen, and to give all your attention to your cell phone while some fool bangs away on a guitar. That’s me: the fool. 

Don’t get me wrong. It’s fun to play music in bars. I know that someone is listening, and that’s why I play. I get it that the owners need customers to buy food and drinks, so they can keep the doors open and the lights on. I’m not sure that I totally understand why it takes 8 TV’s, a pool table AND “Live Music” to get folks inside, but that might be because I am a Musician, and when I go to hear live music, the music has my attention. I enjoy listening to other musicians, and when I play, I put all of my energy into performing to keep someone’s attention. As a listener, I find the TV’s distracting. And I only check my cell phone for hockey scores.

I also know that there are other music lovers who frequent bars to hear good live music. That’s why I keep pitching to play as many of these venues that I can. I’ll earn a few tips, usually dinner and some dollars from the venue. That’s good. I’ll sell some CD’s, bumper stickers and other stuff and that’s also good. Somewhere in there, I’ll find new fans and a few new friends. And that’s the great part! 

I play music and find friends in clubs, living rooms, lawns, coffeehouses, galleries, on sidewalks, and a myriad of other places. I also listen to music in those same places. The common denominator? Music, and friends!

That's the reason I am really partial to House Concerts. They are typically a gathering of people that are already acquainted with each other. A pot-luck dinner and a time of socializing often precede the music. I play for an hour, take a break, then play for a while longer. These are more intimate events for performing and listening. I get to tell some stories, stretch a few truths, and meet everyone there. That's the reward. I've met some of the finest people in the World at House Concerts!

My aim is to schedule House Concerts and then book other venues along the way. “Yep, that's a mighty fine cart. Where's the horse?” I'm working on it,eh? (I also have two wonderful people working on it).

What I am pitching, what I am soliciting, is this. If anyone has an interest in hosting a House Concert in your home, garage, backyard, pool house, barn, or anywhere else, I have an interest in playing there. This is the setting that allows a more direct connection with the music, the listener, and the performance. It's where I find the most reward while playing and the audience gets a more intimate experience. That's how I love sharing music. Feel free to email me or Kari or Janice for any details and information. We'll make something happen. 

I do hope to see you soon. 

Peace y'all,


February is just February, sometimes. Oh, there's a Groundhog Day, and a Valentine's Day and a Presidents’ Day, but the rest is just February with some kind of football game in there somewhere.

Well, February 6, 2016, in between National Wear Red Day and Super Bowl Sunday, I had a CD Release at OOAK Art Gallery in Micaville, NC. All those little CDs are now available on CD Baby and iTunes and at any show or directly from the OOAK Art Gallery. 

So, from there I drove to Black Mountain to spend Sunday afternoon at The Town Pump with Freestone August. We had us a pre-get ready, warm-up, sunny Sunday afternoon Super Bowl Party of our own. I'm looking forward to getting back there again on July 21, 2016. 

I drove straight from there to Winter Springs, Florida. Once in the Sunshine State, I had two House Concerts, and evenings at The Sleeping Moon Cafe, Little Fish Huge Pond, Dandelion Communitea Cafe, and Osteen Diner. The diversity of these places and people made the trip very memorable and worth every minute. I certainly want to do it again. I appreciate everyone who made this trip possible.

Mixed in with all that, there was Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, International Condom Day, and National Margarita Day. It snowed about a dozen times back in those mountains of WNC I call Home. It turns out that February was so busy I had to have an extra day to fit everything in. 

March is Back Home Time. Just because there are 31 days in March doesn't mean that we've slowed down any. Kari has been busy pitching gigs, pointing me in directions, lighting fires, and generally keeping me on my toes. It's work, and it's working.

Check my “Events” page and plan to catch up somewhere soon. I'll keep you posted. 

Peace y'all,


I've gone and done it now... Well, actually, I’ve done it and gone. 

Last Saturday, One of a Kind Art Gallery in Micaville, NC hosted the “Panes” CD Release. The OOAK Art Gallery was packed with old friends and new, musicians and music lovers. The evening was spectacular. For the first hour, we enjoyed a pot-luck spread like none other. I am part of the most amazing and supportive community, and I am so very grateful. After dinner, I took the stage area set up amongst the artwork.


The Music 

My first set was a collection of “First Runners Up” (songs that aren’t on “Panes”), starting with one of my newest, “Water in Missoula.” I played three songs from my EP “What It Is...” and filled the set with other original songs, some old, others too new to have been recorded yet. I also played a couple of Zevon songs and a favorite by Townes Van Zandt. 

The songs on “Panes” made up the second set. This recording was very emotional and intense for me. One of the things revealed in last summer's workshop with Mary Gauthier was that “I write, not to be understood, but to understand.” The songs that I chose for this CD have guided me to a lot of understanding, in a lot of ways. It was a “look” through skewed prisms into my own being and experiences. I deeply value the privilege of being able to share this vision through my music and songs. Thank you.

Then there's the road and more music.

The next day I loaded the Gump-mobile (my 2001 Subaru Forester) and headed south. My first stop was Black Mountain, NC where I played with Freestone August at The Town Pump. That was a grand time. I hope to get back there again soon! 

From there, I pointed Gump towards Orlando. I have a few House Concerts and several other performances lined up for the next couple of weeks. For my friends in this area, I do look forward to seeing you. Please check my EVENTS to see where we can get together.

There's the story. I've done and released the CD, then gone off to promote it. But I'll get right back to the place where water decides to go east or west, just across the valley from the highest mountain on our side of the continent. Everything I am scheduling for Spring and Summer is right around a weekend drive from the most comfortable pillow on the planet: my Home. 

Peace, y'all,


All things da6d

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