It's snowing, a lot. Did I know it was going to snow a lot before I was born here? Probably not.

Anyway, I went to Sound Temple Recording Studios in Asheville yesterday (02/21/16) to get the mastered version of my new CD “Panes” before this blizzard set in. I listened to the CD there. I've listened to it on my laptop, boom box, stereo and on everything else possible. It's ready. I am uploading it as soon as possible for pressing and release on CDBaby. 

 I had only a vague concept of the process of recording a full-length CD. I'd rehearsed these songs. A lot. So I thought I'd go into the studio, play my guitar, sing, blow on the harp, stomp on the porch board, repeat if necessary. It was necessary. A lot. I was enlightened and humbled by the experience of working with a professional sound engineer.  

Let me tell you a bit about Robert George and Sound Temple. He is an clearly an expert at what he does. He is personable and patient. Robert's studio, equipment, and extensive experience were integral parts of making this CD. I couldn't be more impressed with the job that he's done. I hope you'll appreciate his efforts as much as I do.

Now that my CD “Panes” is done/finished/completed, I find myself thinking back to the beginning; writing the words and melodies, rehearsing, and then stepping into the recording studio on multiple days. Before I started this process, did I know it was going to be as hard or as educational as it was? Probably not.  

Well, guess what. In a couple of weeks, I'm going to have all these little CD's held in captivity that need to be released. I'm eager to do that as soon as possible. “Soon” means Saturday, February 6th.  One of a Kind Art Gallery in Micaville, NC is hosting my CD release.

Please look at my “Events” page for more details and for upcoming engagements near you. There are House Concerts and other performances on my schedule, and I am always looking to fill more dates. I’m also looking forward to seeing everyone and promoting this newly emerged CD.  

This is a spirited horse we ride. Hang on.

Peace y'all,


My new CD “Panes” is in the can and due to be released in early February. Let me share a few details.

The CD was recorded at Sound Temple Studio in Asheville, NC by Robert George. Working with Robert was a grand experience that exceeded any expectations that I had. I will also use the words "humbling" and "enlightening" to describe my time at Sound Temple.

As earlier on my EP and again recording this full-length CD, it was a deep emotional effort and a physical test as a solo performer to “capture the songs.” If anyone would describe the process as “easy,” they know something I don't.

Some of these songs have taken years to evolve. None came quickly “while riding on a bus and writing on a napkin,” and none were recorded on the first take. Each song has a story behind it along with a truth that had to be told.

I have a few performances scheduled around the time of release. I will then be traveling down the coast to play different venues, including House Concerts. I intend to come home with more friends than I had before. It happens like that and I consider this to be the best part of what I do.

House Concerts are a big part of my engagement with other people. They are far more intimate and personal than other settings. Every new acquaintance is a treasure waiting to be discovered. Every new experience is a story to be told.

If you are interested in hosting a House Concert, I invite all inquiries. These are usually afternoon or early evening events in a home, backyard or small venue with invited guests. Pot-luck dinners and grill parties are often part of the occasion.

I have received tremendous support from a lot of people to make this project possible. I am extremely grateful to everyone who participated.

And I hope to share my new CD with everyone soon!

Peace, y'all,

Sound Temple Studios in Asheville, NC

 ...well, I do. Where was I on the night of December 12th between the hours of 4:00 and 10:00 pm? I was at Zuma Coffeehouse in Marshall, North Carolina.

There are lots of reasons to go to Zuma Coffeehouse. Lots. There's coffee, teas, great food, friends, and more. Last Saturday, I was there for a special reason. It was a “gathering of friends,” that's what I'll call it. It was a fundraiser for Garland Galloway.

I don't know Garland Galloway, but it turns out I know a few of his friends- including Malcolm Holcombe. I have admired Malcolm's writing, performing, and style for years. I also admire him as a person. And he was the focal performer for the Garland Galloway Fundraiser.

There were motives behind my offer to provide a PA system and run sound for the event. There is something wonderful about Community coming together for the benefit of others. I hope that I gave more than I received. Maybe so, maybe not.

Sure, sound for Malcolm Holcombe was a fun gig. He's great to work with as I'm sure hundreds of others know. But the most important thing that I received was a wonderful feeling of Community.

It is grand to be a part of such things. Recently, the same sort of thing happened closer to home. Musicians, friends, and community came together to share support, Love, and to express appreciation for someone they deeply cared about. I am amazed by the kindness I see shared by people. I aspire to be a part of this every day, somehow, somewhere, in some way.

So that's where I was, and I have pictures to prove it.

Peace, Y'all


Panes. They are the windows through which we look at life that shape our unique perspective. Prisms that refract, warp, and bend the light that passes through them. Often they skew what is really in front of us into distorted images.

We see nothing as it really is. What we view is the light that is reflected from whatever object we gaze upon.

Everyone views the world differently. Time, light, and experiences shape our beliefs and ideals. We interpret life as seen through our own panes. Light changes. Time changes. And so do our views.

This is the feeling I am sharing with this recording. The songs I have written give different views of life through many windows.

Peace, Y'all


P.S. I'd hoped to be farther along in this project by now. I offer no excuses because there are none. It is right where it is supposed to be at this moment. I do anticipate a mid-late winter release of this full-length CD so that is what I will keep working toward.

I am grateful for Your support,


I get stuck. And there's little comfort in being told “Oh, everyone gets stuck sometimes” or “It's just a phase.”

Thanks, I feel “no” much better knowing that. I did finish a song a couple of weeks ago that had rattled in my brain for about five years (“Missouri River Runner”). It was good to clear that out of my head. I also wrote “Unhappy New Year” recently. There are other lyrics and melodies that I give attention to when I have the time, so it isn't really “writer's block” that I’m talking about, at least not as far as songs go. It's “The Blog!”

The Blog... That monster that grows larger and more fearful each day that I ignore it. But I don't really ignore it. I think about it often. I consider subjects. Do I want to rant against politics, politicians, or poverty? Rage against war? I could protest injustice, lament personal woes, or ponder the intricacies of Life. Oh, where to begin?  Where would it end?… and the Monster grows.

Then something happened. It was an epiphanic moment. “Serendipitous” is another word that I want to throw in here somewhere.

We had a great Jam this week at the O.O.A.K. Gallery in Micaville, NC. We always do, but for me this one was special. There are always wonderful players and singers that come by. There are special listeners that drift in and out. Some come regularly, some just happen to be in the gallery.

This week I wanted to play a song that I hadn't played in a while. It was one where I wasn’t sure I remembered all the words, Ray Wylie Hubbard's “Drunken Poet's Dream,” co-written with Hayes Carll. Sure enough, along about the third verse, I was stumbling over the words.

From over in the corner, a young man about 29 years old, started helping me with the words. Who in Western North Carolina under the age of 45 has even heard of Ray Wylie Hubbard? Who would know the words to “Drunken Poet's Dream,” eh? A law student from Columbia, SC, that's who.

Well, alright. That was pretty cool, but for some reason it had to get cooler. Will (last name withheld) went to his car, came back with his guitar, and sat in for the rest of the Jam. I made a quick dash next door to Maple's Coffeehouse and came back hearing someone playing one of my favorite Townes Van Zandt songs. Yep, a 29-year-old law student from Columbia, SC.

He was raised by wolves in a canyon somewhere in Texas... not really. He says something like “I just found good music and stayed with it.” And that explains everything.

We stayed for a while after the Jam, swapping Townes' songs and having a really fine time. And now we’re BFF's on Facebook. It's boggling to ponder what is going to color the pages that unfold each day or the reasoning behind things that happen.

At last I'd found an icebreaker. Something specific to blog about; something positive. I'd been stuck while looking for something negative. There's plenty of bad, evil, mean, unfair, blah, blah, negative that I could mire in and wallow for a while. I'm sure I can still attack that dragon with fervor at some other point. 

Peace, Y'all


I have been in Nashville for the last five days attending a Performing Songwriter's Creative Workshop with Mary Gauthier. This weekend has been unbelievable on so many levels. It is really going to take me a while to grasp the whole experience.

My attendance at this Workshop was made possible by so many wonderful people who have given so much. Thanks to everyone who donated money and shared their energy and support (including rides, donations, words of encouragement, love, belief, advice and more). 

I want to share some thoughts about the defining episode of this whole experience.

I wrote a song.

On Wednesday night, I went to bed with the news of the murders that had happened that day in  the A.M.E. Church in Charleston. A few days before, I had seen a video of racist brutality that happened in Texas and had sobbed with grief. I don't know why that video put hands on my soul and gave me a hard twist, but it did. I cry again, thinking about it.

Our workshop started on Thursday with pleasant greetings and introductions, but soon Mary Gauthier began ranting about the killings in Charleston. I was filled with the same rage, which stayed with me as the workshop proceeded.

Friday evening a really good trio from the "Station Inn" came by to perform for us. I was sitting in the back of the room being slammed by words that I had to get to page. The music of the trio calmed me past my rage and allowed me to write a chorus and two verses. Tools that I was given in Mary's Workshop made this process possible. I went back to my room that night and finished the song "Bring It Down."

All of the workshop attendees were offered a scheduled time with Mary to discuss ideas, songs and techniques. My time with Mary was early Saturday afternoon. I played "Bring It Down." Her response was "mid-aged white main raging against racism. That's powerful. Record it, make a video and get it on YouTube."

I went to the historic Ryman Auditorium Sunday morning and recorded my new song.

The YouTube video is now on my website " and Reverbnation. You can also listen to  "Bring it Down" on 

Update: I feel very honored that Mary Guathier made a positive comment about this song on my Facebook page.

Here are the lyrics:

Bring It Down 
Words and Music by David Wiseman - da6d

You, you're just a product of your raising
A damned demon waging rage
Against the lambs of the Holy City
You're guided by misguided trust in a symbol of racist hate.

Your passion taints us all. It fouls the air we breath.
But the blood you spill is the same color as the cold
Fluid flowing in your own veins.
You're guided by misguided trust in a symbol of racist hate.

Bring it down. Bring it down now.
The taller we stand against your starred bars,
The lower your flag will fly.
Bring it down. Now, bring it down.

A century and a half of hate should have died a long time ago.
Created equal, we the people, all rise up to raise the lowered.
Guided by a love of light and truth, we'll tolerate your hate no more.

Bring it down. Bring it down now.
The brighter we shine against your wretched darkness
Shade and shadow disappear.
Bring it down. Now, bring it down.

Bring it down. Bring it down now.
We the people of light and truth, rise up to raise the lowered.
Bring it down. Bring it down now.
Bring it down. Now, bring it down.

In case you haven't heard, I'm thrilled to share this news. I am going to Nashville!

A couple of months ago I shared a Facebook announcement for Mary Gauthier's Songwriter Workshop and commented "...if anyone would like to go but can't, please send me." A friend, Mark Langner, saw this and thought of the great idea of "crowd funding" through indiegogo.

I am certainly very excited and also grateful to everyone who has helped. Here is the link to the IndieGoGo site. Click on the link to see the progress so far and to make a contribution.

There are about two weeks from this date before the workshop begins and a few hundred dollars are still needed to pay the tuition. I reserved a room today because I'm not sure I'll have my van to sleep in. I  have a ride scheduled, just in case.

It'll happen, and it will be grand. Thanks to everyone who has helped. There's still time if anyone else would like to contribute. Thank's again for the multiple forms of  encouragement and support I've received.

What is "da6d," huh?

Yeah, I've heard that question a few times. I've also heard some far-out guesses. I really don't mind explaining as it gives me a chance to talk with people. And maybe it adds to the "name recognition" thing that every performer needs to have. This becomes more important since there are other performers, even in my local area, with the same name.

Here's the explanation. If  You exchange the number "6 " in  "da6d" for the Roman Numeral "VI", you'll have it figured out. And it's a way of differentiating me from other people named David Wiseman.

Yep, that's it.

Peace, Y'all


South to Orlando! I am headed down to the Orlando Folk Festival (not playing, maybe next year.) Whoot! On the way, I'll be stopping on Thursday 2/12 at The Mill in North Charleston from 10:00-11:00. Friday, 2/13 I'll be at the Osteen Diner from 7:00-9:00pm, and Sunday, 2/15 at a House Concert for some really great friends. (Contact me for details if  your're interested.)

I'll have CD's, stickers, and some new really cool merchandise.

Would you believe it? My five song EP (Extended Play) "What It Is..." arrived today! Exciting to the nth power of pi. To the wonderful folks that bought "pre-release" copies, those are available immediately. Thanks. You helped make this possible. 

The "Release Date" has been set for December 20, 2014. The One of a Kind Art Gallery in Micaville is hosting a celebration Saturday evening from 5:00 until 7:30pm. Stop by early and still have time for other plans. I'll play from 6:00 'til 7:00, all the songs on the CD and several more that will be on the LP (Long Play) Album to be recorded and released in the Spring.

The EP will also be available that date on cdbaby Just search "da6d"

Once again, I am grateful for everyone's help and support,


All things da6d

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