Two hundred and seventy-six Folk Singers in one place, what else do you need? How about one more and a harmonica. You’d think we could solve all the world’s problems, one note at a time, in harmony and with feeling.  

I spent four days in May at the Montreat Conference Center near Asheville NC at the 10th Annual Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA).  It’s a learning and performing opportunity that I am grateful to have attended for the past two years. It is exciting to meet other performers and songwriters. The energy is magnetic as we are all drawn together to promote goodness, and peace, and to share our passion for what we do. It is uplifting. It is enlightening. And it is inspiring.

I performed in two guerilla showcases during the conference. The first showcase was a late Friday night Songwriters-in-the-Round with Mike Aiken, and Todd Dennison with Diane Perry. Diane played some beautiful fiddle tracks on a couple of my songs.

Saturday’s showcase was also a Songwriters-in-the-Round, this time with Mike Aiken and with Noah Zacharin, It was indeed a privilege to perform with these amazing artists.  Glynace Eastham was our host in the Texas Sugarbaby Room. She was great to work with and I hope to see her soon at the 18th Annual Southwest Folk Alliance Conference (SWRFA) in late September.

Kathy Mattea was the keynote speaker for this event. It was inspiring to hear her stories about her influences and motivations for her art. The video ends with the performance of Nancy Griffith’s song, “Love at the Five and Dime.” Wonderful.

We’ll do this again next year. We’ll do this again in Austin, Texas at the SWRFA Conference from September 27 to Oct 1. And I hope to join the over 2000 people who will attend the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City, Missouri In February next year. At every opportunity, we share our music. We share our knowledge. We share.

Summer 2017 is getting big, and broad, and busy. I am booking Fall dates already. Virginia, Texas, SC, GA, TN, MO and places in between are targets for places to plant my feet, sow a few songs, and grow a better understanding and friendship with everyone I meet. I look forward to seeing you.  

I appreciate Your help. I also appreciate Your support. Most of all, I appreciate You.  And I am grateful for every opportunity I get to perform. That is special! 

Peace, y’all!


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