“That’s a mighty fine cart you’ve got there, Mister. Where’s your horse?”

This something I’ll often say to myself or to others in situations where the cart is in front of the horse. Honestly, I say it to myself a lot because I often have several carts and not enough horses. The situation isn’t a direct comparison, but I do remind myself to follow through with projects without getting too many balls in the air at one time.

I just returned from my Southern Travels Tour in February to Central Florida.  House Concerts, a return to a few familiar places, a few new ones, (a hookah lounge, even,) and an Open Mic at Hendershot’s in Athens, Ga made this a wonderful trip! I’ll do it again in any direction!

Another highlight of the trip was being the featured performer at St. Pete’s Hideaway Recording Studio and Hideaway Café! John Kelly recorded, mixed and mastered the 10 songs in the 45 minute set. Two songs, “Missouri River Runner” and “Chronos Drives the Train” have been combined with video taken by Janice Schilling, and released on youtube. I’m hoping to release the full recording as a “Live at the Hideaway” CD soon. Keep in touch!

What else in happening, eh? On March 1st, I turned 20,000 days old. I celebrated by releasing the song “Chronos Drives the Train" (see above.) It is my four minute autobiography.  It was therapeutic trying to condense almost 55 years down to four minutes. I got the highlights in there, most of the details are hidden, and I have big plans for the next 10,000 days.

Speaking of big plans, I’ve got a mighty fine cart! There are songs, stories, truths and lies that I can’t wait to travel around and share. Sign-up on my email list and I’ll let you know where and when. If you have an interest in hosting a House Concert, let me know. We’ll make it a grand experience. If our paths cross, let’s take the time to enjoy the company.

Where’s your horse? 

Yep, the horse, eh?

Well, booking and performance dates, that’s the horse I’m looking for. Spring, Summer, and Fall dates are shaping up, but I’ve still got a lot of dates to fill: barns, and sidewalks, backyards, living rooms, listening rooms...anywhere to plant my feet and share a song. I’ll keep on greasing the wheels and polishing the cart, but it’s the horse that is going to make this wagon roll. For booking information, please contact me, or send me a message on da6dmusic on Facebook.

Peace y'all,


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