Recently, a question came to me. “Where’s your money?” It’s a simple question. The answer can be simple too, tho’ varied. I guess that mostly depends on how well the question is understood.

I am not asking about where your cash is, or where your dollars and coins are. I not inquiring about your financial investments or portfolio, so eliminate answers that refer to those.

(This space intentionally left blank.)

Figuratively and literally, it seems like the world around me is burning to the ground! Though I cannot see the flames, I can hear the crackling and roar and smell the smoke that blows all the way from Washington, DC, and from North Dakota (figuratively,) and from WNC and TN wildfires that rage close by (literally). I have a constant concern for the welfare of the Nation, for the ethical treatment of all people, and for the welfare and safety of family, friends, and strangers. Strangers are just friends I haven’t met yet.

That’s where my money is.

Often, I see Vets at the Asheville VA who need. We all see homeless people on street corners who need. Everywhere there are atrocities committed, nation against nation, races against races, people against people. All for power or money or greed in some form.

And as often, I see strangers treated with kindness. I experience generosity from friends. We all witness degrees of compassion from or toward our fellow beings. For every gift of mercy or gratitude or kind consideration we receive, we should at least “pass it on.” Try to share it with more than one person. Or, even begin the cycle, eh? I am not waiting to make this a soon-to-be-forgotten New Year’s Resolution. This is my “Life Resolution” now. “We all could use a little Mercy Now.” – Mary Gauthier

That’s where my money is.

I believe in You. If you are doing anything to help anyone, I believe in You! Even in the process of striving against oppression, inequality, hate, or hostility, I am with You. Any difference made toward the betterment of Our World serves us all. Great strides need to be made toward civility. We should all step higher.

That’s where my money is.

My most recent favorite quote that I read on Facebook read “Human Kind. Be both.” I’m all for that, eh? Let’s all be kind to one another.

Peace y’all,



December 01, 2016 @07:36 pm
Nina Wilson
well said, my friend. we can all find someone to help at some time. all we got to do is open our eyes, mind and heart. Love you....

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