by David Wiseman da6d

Released 2016
David Wiseman - da6d
Released 2016
David Wiseman - da6d
Panes. They are the windows through which we look at life that shape our unique perspective. Prisms that refract, warp, and bend the light that passes through them. Often they skew what is really in front of us into distorted images.
We see nothing as it really is. What we view is the light that is reflected from whatever object we gaze upon.

Everyone views the world differently. Time, light, and experiences shape our beliefs and ideals. We interpret life as seen through our own panes. Light changes. Time changes. And so do our views.

This is the feeling David is sharing with this recording. The songs he has written give different views of life through many windows.

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  • Apr 7
    Honeyfolk House Concert,  Mars Hill
  • Apr 22
    Micaville Music at OOAK Art Gallery,  Burnsville
  • May 3
    OOAK Art Gallery,  Burnsville
  • May 17
    Southeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference,  Montreat
  • May 19
    Southeast Regional Folk Alliance,  Montreat


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