What It Is...

by David Wiseman da6d

Released 2014
David Wiseman - da6d
Released 2014
David Wiseman - da6d
Folk and ballads with a "dog, couch and a washing machine on the front porch" kind of sound...folk/blues (death and such), folk/protest, and folk/almost happy.
There are five songs on the EP. All the lyrics would not fit on the cover. Neither would the short versions of the stories behind each song, but here is a quick narrative of the ones that make up “What It Is...”

“Flooding Swannanoa” was written about the Flood of 1916 in the Biltmore Area of Asheville, NC. The story for the song came from articles in “Our State” magazine and asheville.com. It tells about Kathleen Lipe and her Father and the events of July 16th, 1916.

“Potter's Field” started out with the working title of “Judas Buys a Farm,” because that is basically what the story is about, Judas' suicide. There are references to Lazarus being raised from the dead, Mary's waste of precious oil and to three different versions of Judas' death as told by different biblical writers.

“Kitchen Soup” is a protest song. That's it. There are lots of political, and social references from Dylan and Guthrie lyrics, Orwell's book, “1984,” to NC Amendment One. The basic theme, as repeated in verses 5-8, is a call to do something. War, poverty, politics, equal rights, oppression, governmental control... “Heat the kitchen, spoil the soup, and let's all 'Give a Damn.”

“Solace For My Soul” Every song has its own way of evolving. This one started one night while camping in the back of my van. I finished it as soon as I got home. Home, that's what it's about. A sojourner finding peace before his passing.

“Blue Shoes” is my “almost happy song.” I have often quoted Ray Wylie Hubbard as saying, “Keep your gratitude higher than your expectations.” This song is about attitude and perspective. Someone's problems are always bigger than mine. Usually I don't have to look far to be reminded of this.

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