What is "da6d," huh?

Yeah, I've heard that question a few times.

I've also heard some far-out guesses. I really don't mind explaining as it gives me a chance to talk with people. And maybe it adds to the "name recognition" thing that every performer needs to have. This becomes more important since there are other performers, even in my local area, with the same name. Here's the explanation. If you exchange the number "6 " in  "da6d" for the Roman Numeral "VI", you'll have it figured out. And it's a way of differentiating me from other people named David Wiseman.

Yep, that's it.

Peace, Y'all


All things da6d

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  • Jun 1
    Bloom Cafe and Listening Room,  Bristol
  • Jun 8
    Burnsville Wine and...,  Burnsville
  • Jun 12
    Parkway Playhouse,  Burnsville
  • Jun 16
    72nd Annual NC Rhododendron Festival,  Bakersville
  • Jun 22
    Sir Walter's Tavern,  Beckley