Excuse Me

It seems like it's been centuries since I bought the Steve Martin LP that had me laughing all through my  teens. "Well, Excuse meee!" 

"Excuse me." It just sounds like a demand. An added "please" might help. Too often, it is a warning. "Excuse me." Get out of my way! Get ready to get hip-checked into the canned corn while I reach the green beans. 

Of course, It would be rare when someone says, "Excuse me," that along with that comes a choice. "Would you excuse me please," then they wait patiently while you give the matter some consideration. It should. Maybe your "way" may be just as important as their way, and who should get out of the other's way may be open to discussion. (Obliviously, they don't share that view.) 


Gain Way! 
(Not Gangway)


Get out of my way!

Out of "the" way? Either way,

Get out of it, please.


Peace, Y'all!


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