Flip Off the Light

Flip off the light, she says to me. Well, guess what? Tomorrow I’ll write about the “doghouse.” 

I haven’t thought about light a lot. The light we get from the Sun travels 93,000,000 miles in about 8 minutes. Ten what? It does something I suppose, disappears, dissipates, I dunno, it's gone. Never see it again. 186,282 miles per second, then Insta-Brake. Gone. It's kinda sad. 

Geez, what does Light do when it's not traveling around the Universe at the speed of light? Like does it just sit around and be all brilliant and shit, with a bag o' chips and all that. It is enlightening. There’s so much, we ought to be able to share! 

Sol, my eternal Friend 

I’ve waited all night for you. 

Together, today. 

Peace, Y’all, and stay well. <3 


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