Florence Lawrence

Florence Lawrence (Jan 2,1886- Dec 28, 1938. Isn't that a beautiful name? Florence Lawrence was a stage and movie actress who appeared in over 300 films. Most people are not familiar with Florence Lawrence. Her mother, Charlotte "Lotta" Bridgwood, was a vaudeville and screen actress. Charlotte Bridgwood is also known to have worked with Hedi Lamarr and others developing missile guidance systems during WWII. She is also credited with inventing the "Electric Storm Windshield Wiper." Yeah, most people are familiar with windshield wipers, eh?  

Florence Lawrence was 52 when she died by suicide from ingesting ant poison and cough syrup. She left a note that read,  

"Dear Bob, Call Dr. Wilson. I am tired. Hope this works. Good bye, my darling. They can't cure me, so let it go at that.  

Lovingly, Florence - P.S. You've all been swell guys. Everything is yours." 

A very sad ending. 

Florence Lawrence was also an inventor and had worked with her mother on several inventions. I stated earlier that most people are not familiar with Florence Lawrence. Most people are not familiar with her big invention either. To clarify, just about everyone knows what she invented, but the familiarity with her invention often ends at where, when, how and why to use it.  

Florence Lawrence invented the automobile "Turn Indicator." Again, most folks aren't familiar with the "Turn Indicator.”


Blink, Blink


Turn indicators,

Give away information 

To the enemy.


Peace, Y'all!



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