Hot Cross Buns

May 13, 2013: Graffiti in the picture is from Spruce Pine, NC from a few years ago on the crumbling wall of the old Spruce Pine Lumber Co. across from Ingles gas station. That's all been demolished since then.

Under cover of darkness, someone with a can of spray paint, something to say, and no care about defacing private property wrote,


This may have been around the same time that President Barack Obama was at the Spruce Pine City Hall wondering where all the guns were. Oh, well. He didn't get any. I had seen this right after it was just painted. I immediately gave this all the concern it deserved. None. 

Just a few days later, I was back at Ingles getting gas. I looked across the road, curious to see if the graffiti was still there. Guess what? Well, as you can see from the picture someone with a bit of gumption, a can of spray paint, and something else to say, modified the original message. 

"DON'T PET OBAMA HE'LL SHAKE YOUR BUNS." Much better, eh? Riotously funny, too!


Graffiti Artist

Amateur Day in the 'ville.

Let's paint this town red...(er) 


Peace, Y'all


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