I know a trick or two.

In one of the Oticon hearing aid groups (yes, there is a group for everything,) someone asked, "What Face mask are my Hearing Aid Brothers and Sisters using and the ones who wear glasses?" 

Remember that saying about "There are no stupid questions...?" To some folks, this may come close, but to some, it is a very pertinent question. I have glasses and hearing aids and often wear a face mask. I have notice my hearing aid just dangling. A couple of times they have fallen out completely. I have been fortunate to have found them but that's pushing my luck.  

The best solution that I have found has been a toque or toboggan. I started wearing one in February after someone cut my hair and my head was getting cold. March and mask came along and having the normal initial difficulties with that, it came to mind right quick that this solution works..for me. Others may not like it or have other tricks. What works, works. 

Speaking of tricks, I might be ramblin' back around to the point of today's post. 


I have a few Twix. 

Sleeves make them handy. Cute name, 

Twin sticks, up my sleeve. 

Peace, Y'all!  


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