Peace Rocks!

This is a rock, beautifully painted by a Friend. I wanted to show both sides. How’d I do? There is a mirror involved. 

There is a difference between being between a rock and a hard place and being in Iraq, which is another hard place on its own. 

The artist, Kimberly Matheson lives in Wolfville, Nova Scotia, Canada. Wouldn’t ya love to write that as your return address. We met a couple of years ago in upstate New York at Camp Copperhead and again in Montreal, February before last. Kimberly works at Ruby Throated Records. She writes and sings, makes wonderful music, paints rocks, and she pets cats. I think that is just grand! 


Peace Rocks! 

Waging heavy peace 

In every way we can. 

Peace rocks rock! Thanks Kim <3 

Peace, Y’all! <3 


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