Pete Had a Hammer

Pete Seeger sang  "If I had a hammer...all over this land," all over this land!

Well, if all I had was a shovel, and all I knew to do was to dig, then I will hold on to that shovel, and dig. It's a bit like Pete Seeger's "If I Had a Hammer. I'd hammer out danger. I'd hammer out warning, all over this land."

There might be a problem in that. Sure, I could dig in my yard. I could dig in my garden. But, I would not go digging in anyone else's garden unless they needed help and invited me. 


"I've got a wagon to ride, a mule to get behind, a lifetime of work to do. It's my row now I've got to plow nobody's garden but mine." - from Dirty Road on Live at the Hideaway and I Ain't Stayin"

Pete Had a Hammer


Pete Seeger's hammer

Changed the world. Surrounded hate,

Forced hate's surrender.

Peace, Y'all!




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