This Is Not the First April First, April

I recall bits about growing up. Some small things that may have been an altering course on my permanent development, like, my parents always told me that my birthday was on April First. Oh, I waited anxiously every year for something,...
Something. Something other than... "Gotchya April Fool! April Fool. Gotchya gotchya, gotchya.April fool."
It turns out that my my birthday really was on April Fools Day. They got me again. Damn, how many years. did that go on?


The first of April, 

I remember as it were 

Only Jester Day.

Peace, Y'all

That was two haiku!

Also, my birthday

Isn't really April first.

But who really cares?


It makes for one heck of a story, eh? (three haiku.)

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