This Machine

I wrote yesterday about Pete Seeger's hammer. His machine.  Woody Guthrie also had a machine. On Woody's machine was written, "This Machine Kills Fascist!!! Both very powerful machines.

Late 2016, I started a song. My Machine, I had revisions, rewrites, edits, throwaways and years later, nowhere close to anything finished. It didn't even have a name yet.

Early 2019, I attended the Folk Alliance International Conference in Montreal Canada. My roommate for the week was Carl Solomon. I'd first met Carl in Austin, TX at a Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference. At the FAI Conference in Montreal, I asked Carl for help with the song. He asked me to play what I had so far. I did. Carl came right back with, "This is not right. This is not okay.." and oh, my that was it! That made the chorus. At home, I reworked the verses, rearrange melody and chords and we had a song.  My Machine  Here's also a link to Carl's FB page.


Woody's Machine

"This Land is Your Land"

Thank you for the songs, Woody.

Woody's machine LIVES!


Peace, Y'all!



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