Woody Sez

Since I had so much to say about Woody Guthrie last week, I'll say some more this week. I often use one of Woody's more famous quotes. "A Folksinger's job is to comfort the disturbed, and to disturb the comfortable." I think about that a lot. Now is the time for that. Lots of folks need comfort. Also, kindness and compassion.  (A post script has some information about the picture.)

There are others that would benefit by being "disturbed." Shaken up a bit. Me, I've been too comfortable in a docile life with pretty much all that I really need and some that I don't. Me, and a few million more,..mostly white, and mostly privileged. (I will have lots more to say about that some other day.)  On every level, leaders are needed. Leaders that have compassion, integrity, honesty, and vision, that can unify our whole country. All citizens. ALL!

Back to the subject, Woody Sez.


Woody Sez

Comfort the disturbed.

Disturb the comfortable.

That's what Woody sez!


Peace, Y'all!


P.S. The photograph? It is a picture of my "Woody's Guitar" night light. I got this one from OOAK Art Gallery in Micaville. The Artist is Beck Derby (LINK) She is getting way too much sleep, not in the least way busy, and would like to make a few hundred of these. Or, Bob Dylan, or many others. The link above is to some of her work. Everyone can have one!

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