Gone to the Dogs 

da6d Music announces today’s guest Rambler, DeO’jie das Wunderhund. 

da6d isn’t here today. He’s gone fishing. I knew something like this would happen. He’s not going to even write his final da6d Daily Ramblin’. He didn’t seem to want to…

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Well Darn!

The Habitants scored! Later, there was a slo-mo close-up of Mikhail Sergachev of the Tampa Bay Lightning as the network faded out to a commercial. Anyone that could halfway read lips in slo-mo could see him say "Well, d@rn!" 


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Shoes in the Bed

Road Trip! Monday Morning 

Okay, not quite a road trip, but maybe like a combination errand/day trip. Day trip! Hi-ho, the derry-o, a Ramblin' we will go.

I’m riding with a Friend to pick up a utility trailer near Rutherfordton…

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Hey, Yo!

Remember when the easiest part of yoyoing was the downward throw? That’s still the easy part. With a $3 yoyo, I can do rock the baby, walk the dog, and around -the world. That’s about it. When I was in…

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The Toe Down

Nice view, eh? The Toe Down Music Festival Day 2. I’m sitting in the shade with a cool breeze, waiting on the first performer of the evening. 
The sound system is unbelievably clear. I’m parked/camped about 125 yards away from…

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Rat parents. Tough job. There are some things that only apply to rat parents and rat children. Other things are universal.

“Don’t eat that, it’s poison.” I imagine rat parents have to say that a lot.

“Don’t go in there…

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“I go out walking after midnight …” Patsy Cline (1932-1963). 

If you want to sleep late in the morning, you gotta walk the dog late at night. That may never become the axiom by which lives are planned, but it’s…

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Thank Y'all

I'm going to write seven more da6d Daily Ramblin's. After that, there will be one a week or so of da6d Midnight Ramblin's. Postings will be at midnight on Sunday nights, just to start the week off right and to…

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Saving the Good Stuff

I’m going to kill two stoned birds. That’s a sideways rendition of “killing two birds with one stone.” Literally, I’ve never even killed one bird with one stone. Figuratively, I have lots of stoned birds. 

The first bird is the…

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Lady Byng

Marie Evelyn Moreton (1870-1949), also known as Lady Byng after her marriage to Colonel the Hon. Julian Byng (1862- 1935), Lord Byng, Governor General of Canada under King George V from 1921-1926. 

Great people. I'd like to have met them…

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Turn Up the TV

Happy Fathers’ Day, folks. My Mom came by to visit. Sister Chel sent a beautiful message. Kari made sourdough biscuits and sausage gravy. I’ll send a message or a meme to my Dad, and that will be about all of…

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$1 Million Summer Cash

It's Saturday. I've been at The 74th Annual NC Rhododendron Festival in Bakersville, NC, for the past two days. I had a performance Friday and I've been providing PA/sound support for the event.

The musical performers were excellent. The vendors…

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