1991, Desert Shield / Desert Storm, Topps celebrated their 40th and commissioned a "Desert Shield" series for servicemembers serving in Desert Shield / Desert Storm. I think we were given a pack with bubble gum and a few cards. I …

Punctual Punctuation

Have you ever tried to impress someone with your intellect and wit by saying something like, “Stupid ought to be painful”? I tried. It sounded like, “Poopies ought to be stainful.” …no one will ever take seriously again.  And I …

Apollo and the God of War

Martin Martian is one of my favorite Looney Tune characters. When created, Martin was given a uniform in the style of the Roman God of War, Mars. 
Marvin’s mission was to destroy planet earth because it was “Blocking his view …

Conscious Consideration

Back when I read On the Road - Jack Kerouac, I became familiar with the phases like, "Dig it" or Dig it man" or "Dig this..." To the best of my understanding, it means to "Give conscious consideration to.." whatever …

My Deer Friends

I took this photo from my porch downtown Burnsville and looking across the street. Have you ever wondered what is the plural of Bambi?


My Deer Friends   They come to visit. Mother Nature says "Hello." Bambii Messengers    Peace, Y'all! <3 


Sometime last decade, Kari shared a podcast with me. It was touching and has made a lasting impression.  Here is the link. It's worth a listen. The Bus Stop Forget-Me-Not  Ms., do I miss You? 
Kind, lovely, loving and true.  …

Fire Flies

Kari’s porch plants are beautiful! This zinnia even lights up at night. 


Fire flies. Lightning bugs.  Thunder bugs me too. Fire bugs  Light fires. Arsonist! 


Peace, Y’all!


Do not try this at home. 


Clorox  Clorox removes stains,  Right before your eyes. Stains gone,  I’m blind. What’s the point?  Peace, Y’all!  da6d

A Sine

The masses cried out to the heavens and said "Most High One, give us a sign.  Here's what they got.
  A Sine?
  Hypotenuse length
Divides opposite side length;
A Sine unto Ye!

Be well, Y'all!


For Mariners and Seamen, crossing the equator is also known as “Crossing the Line.” Usually a ceremony called “Order of Neptune” is observed recognizing the transformation from “Pollywog” to “Shellback.”  For frogs, it is a stage of development from an …

We Are

“Here, there are no words.”
“Now, close your eyes and watch this.” 
One Soul to One Soul  Friends I do hope that you are well and that you stay that way.  Peace, Y’all!

Game On!

The road to the Stanley Cup has taken a detour. August 01,2020 the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the NY Rangers 3-2 in regulation time..

Rather than try to understand the playoff qualifiers best of 5 games regular shoot out and overtime …