Are The Cows Home yet?

Kari made Rice Krispie Treats®. “I could founder on them,” I said. “What’s that,” she asked? “These Rice Krispie Treats®. They’re Great!!!"  Kellogg’s® loves me. “No,” she said, “What is 'founder'? I’ve never heard of that.” 

Bovine & Equine Founder

I’m not going to repeat the story that I recall growing up, but I will say that I never want to founder on anything.  

But Kari made Rice Krispie Treats®. She loves me.  

I acted the part of a Folk Singer for some pictures for Kari’s upcoming video. I love her. 


The cows have foundered. 

They’re not coming home tonight. 

No more treats for me. 


Peace, Ya’ll,


Photo by

Janice Schilling

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