Gone to the Dogs

The "Tenner" shoe was designed and invented by Alfred Lloyd Tenner. That's where they got their name and at the time only cost $10. Really, Tenner shoes were invented by Alfred Lloyd Tenner's son, but he was too busy running really fast around the yard to apply for a patent. These are NOT tennis shoes. Very few people that wear these ever play tennis.

Mom would take me to get shoes twice a year. Every Fall, a new pair of boots; every Spring, a pair of dress shoes and a new pair of Tenner shoes. I'd try on the Tenner shoes then run really fast around the store, past the suits and ties, around the socks and underwear department and sometimes, the final test.

Even after purchase, shoes could be returned if they had not been worn out side. Knowing that, if I found a pair that I liked, Zoom! Right out the door. I'd be around the block a few times really fast, and even chase a train along downtown Main Street Spruce Pine, North Carolina. Now if y'all believe all that, we're goin' to be friends.

I did have the good fortune a while back to get a really *Special Deal* on a pair of Goodwill Tenners. Converse high-tops are often called Chuck Taylors because his name was right there on the side. They're still Tenners. The Special Deal was buy the shoes, get a matching "puppy mill" starter kit free while supplies last. (Accessories not included.)

I never did follow through with the puppy mill, but I did keep the starter kit. Her name is DeO'jie. She's a very smart dog. Back when she was learning to read and write, she couldn't yet spell her name. The closest she could get was, "D-O-G." Well now, she fluent in four languages, holds advanced degrees in mathematics and economics, and  spends her spare time contemplating quantum physics while curled up on a blanket with her eyes closed. She likes fried Alpo sandwiches by candlelight, barking at squirrels, 
and long walks on the beach. (Take a bag.)



Slowed, walks. Night's stillness.

Solitude's gifts accepted.

Shared, togetherness.



Peace, Y'all!






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