I'm Stuck On You

It’s Thursday, February 18th, 2021. I am writing to inform you that I am writing a blog today. Much like the previous 238 da6d Daily Ramblin’s, I pick a subject and I write about it. This hasn’t been very complicated. And there’s a Haiku (or two) every day. 

I have learned a lot, especially when clearing up many of my own misconceptions. “Everything is worth writing about. I have to find that worth.” You can quote me on that. 

I’m still building sets for my stop motion video “Bring The Rain.” My previous video, Shadow’s Puppet, was done the same way: one shoot at a time. Most scenes are compilations of several shoots.  

One thing I use a lot of is adhesive. There is a variety for bonding different materials and also different methods of applying the adhesives. One thing I hadn’t considered was the use of gorilla glue as a hair care product.

DO NOT TRY THIS! She Accidentally Used Gorilla Glue to Style Her Hair. It Didn't Go Well


What would Darwin do? 

This hairstyle is stuck with me 

For a long, long time 


Peace Y’all. 


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