It's Here Somewhere

I got something in the mail today. It was nothing urgent, but something I did not want to ignore. I knew exactly where it was going: the WIDGAR file. I’ve got one right beside my spot at the kitchen table…

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A year ago, I wrote the blog and haiku, King of Hearts. The picture was “The King of Hearts,” also called the “Suicide King” because of the sword through his head. “My leige, there are easier ways of doing things…

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One small thing  

And other small things  

Got together and made  


A better day  

If even  

Just a little.  


I went to the VA today for an appointment. Park, text “here,” then wait for instructions. Proceed to the building…

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Red Eye, Please

Coffee, black. The way it was meant to be. Coffees have a flavor without cream or sugary flavored syrups. I’m not a coffee snob by any means. Often enough, I’ll have a splash of 2% milk to cool my coffee…

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Monday on Earth No. 3,380

Welcome to planet Earth. This is the place where eternal cosmic beings are sent to spend the fair part of a century in human bodies. With all of eternity behind us and even more eternity ahead, we spend a very…

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Dead People, U-Hauls, and Forrest Gump

It would not be unusual if you were wondering. .oO (What’s the da6d Daily Ramblin’ going to be about today?) I was just wondering the same thing. 

Someplace, somewhere, in a collection of some sort is the toilet seat that…

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Circular Breathing. 

Here’s a subject that I know absolutely nothing about. Just like most subjects, I’ll ramble a bit, move on to a haiku, and we’ll all end up knowing less than we did when we started. 

The picture is…

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Hold My Root Beer

Kari and I went trespassing tonight. She’ll claim that I was the instigator, but I told her no one would believe that. 

The actual trespassing part might have been my idea, but the reason why was entirely hers. 

There's a…

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Fifty years from now, someone is going to look back and commemorate today with a huge event. It’ll probably be a birthday party or something, but to a small number of people, maybe a million or so, today will be…

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One Door Opens

Kari asks me, “Is it half-time yet?” It’s hockey. They play three periods, so I guess halfway through the second period is technically “half-time.” Kari knows that. She’s being funny. 

It’s not a big surprise for the defending Stanley Cup…

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June Awareness Month

NASA scientists have received a radio transmission from the far reaches of the galaxy. Interstellar communications from intelligent life elsewhere in the Universe. NASA is still trying to determine the exact origin of the message. There are no clues, and…

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Necessary Tools

Gadget geek? Gear head? Kari has called me worse. This just another gadget, but one I can justify as being (almost) totally necessary. 

This is an AC battery adapter for my Canon 80D (a.d.d.) camera. It provides continuous power during…

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