Hear Here

Let's get this right. It's our last chance. Today's Haiku


I was always here. 

Today, I was heard. George Floyd. 







These haiku are hardly ever easy, This one chiseled that one in stone.


Sometime in between,

For never more, until now,

Did you miss me then?

Vújà Day

This one is still a bit damp. Allow to dry before use. 

Vújà Day 

I've never been here, 
Never seen this place before. 
It's a vújà day. 

There you go!

Haiku Like

I have a haiku habit. Yeah, at least one more. 

Haiku? Some love them. 
Of course, some folks just don’t care. 
What’s not to like, eh? 

Peace Y’all <3

Cerebral Misalignment, Phase Four: Disengage

This counts as only one haiku. 

Cerebral Misalignment, Phase Four: Disengage 

i'm called the strange one, 
in here in my head. In here, 
i hear, in my head. 

i hear in my head, 
me repeating, repeating 
each word that I

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Today's Haiku


I throw no shadow, 
Daytime or at night. I am 
Surrounded by light.



Y’all, I’m really doing well. There was a Coup d'état inside my head, and I think I won. Here’s today’s... 


If you see his soles, 
A man was just passing by. 
A man, passing...bye.

King of Hearts

I had to google if Haiku had titles. Some do, some don't. Anyway, this one had to have a title. Sir, Burpsalot is a title, I suppose, but not fitting. Nope, it had to have this one. 

King of Hearts 

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I Ain't Stayin' (Release)

“There is no place here for complacency.” That should have ended a long time ago, but that is what has gotten us in to the handbasket that we’re in, and set the course that we’re on. So, of course there

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