Gone FIshing

Kari asked me why I’m wearing my old glasses. Because they happened to be where I needed them at the time ... on my face. That has nothing to do with anything else.

I was stationed in Bamburg, Germany ’84-87 and Ayers Kaserne at Kirch-Göns, Germany ‘88-92. While in Kirch-Göns I met Chaplain Maj. Barris Samples and SFC Phil LeBlanc. These were the founders of a local chapter of the Federation of Flyfishers, now Fly Fishers International

This chapter’s membership included local German Nationals as well as several military personnel, and me. We’d gather every week or so to tie flies and tell lies, and plan trips. Most group trips included an organized “clean up” along the river. That was usually the easy part. There was not a lot of litter or garbage along roads, paths, or waterways. It’s a beautiful country. 

Once or twice a year, our German Friends would invite us along to one of their clubs' trips. My first, of course, was a learning experience. 

After the clean-up, there was a time to “dress to fish." This is where the tweed jackets, twill hats, and expensive paraphernalia came in to play. 

Well, I had no tweed nor twill, and very little expensive paraphernalia. I had neither $300 chest waders nor boots. I had tenner shoes and blue jeans and the water was warm. I thought I had died and gone to Mayberry! 

Mistake. I didn’t get invited back for a while. Lesson learned. Fishing is serious business. 


We’re playin’ hookie

However old this sign is 

Plus a day or two


Peace, Y'all!


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  • Bren
    Bren Colorado
    Did you catch any ?😀

    Did you catch any ?😀

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