Abbey Road

Did anyone recognize Abbey Road in the video? I recall a meme that I’ve seen a few times that showed the Beatles walking right to left across Abbey Road. All of them are wearing shoes. I have captioned that meme with, “Paul, take those damned shoes off, they’re hideous.”

This scene in the video is mashed up with Black Lives Matter Boulevard. That's what was on my mind at that stage of production. It’s still on my mind. 

I’m rambling on about my video, Shadow’s Puppet. I am hoping for the Tribble Effect with this production

What's a Tribble Effect, you may ask.

It's a Star Trek thing. One person pets a small furry Tribble and other people proceed to pet  Tribbles. Everyone is petting Tribbles.

So if my video has caught your attention, if you have found it interesting or meaningful, please Like, Comment or Share. Maybe others will do the same. 

Thank you so much for your time.


Trouble with Tribbles?

Rabbit-like propagation.

You make it happen.



Peace, Y’all!



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