At This Stage

Something big and grand is happening at OOAK ART Gallery. I introduced the concept in my Friends Gather Ramblin' a couple of weeks ago. It’s still happening and this is part of it. ***Update Here's the Link

Today I got to thinking. It’s not the first time, but I seldom share anything worth thinking about, nor do I think about anything worth sharing. But, here we are. You and me. 

The background story from the above link is worth knowing at this point. Same Link As Above. It’s the way I ramble sometimes. 

But here’s what I thought about. What would the stage look like if it were made out of cardboard and construction paper, glue and tape, then photographed on a green background?

See what happens when you stand in the wind and leave both ears open? 

The wild blew by me. 

Sideways, I stood and I heard 




Knock, _____ “Who is there?” 

Mister Opporknockity, 

Who only tunes once. 


Peace, Y’all. Be well and stay that way, 


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