BobFest 2021

What a roller coaster life is, eh? Tonight was a beautiful night. I hope for many years to remember The 2021, 8th Annual BobFest, Back Yard Stage Big-Time Inauguration Whoop-De-Do!  

There were people. Listening to music. Happy people. Coming together to celebrate Bob Dylan’s many birthdays (eighty) and his music, and to celebrate the Deck That Community Built. It was beautiful.  

It will be, for a long time. 

I got home tonight just a bit after ten o’clock. The idea for tonight’s da6d Daily Ramblin’ kindly asked all the other ideas in my head to take the night off. I had a blog to write and only one thing to write about. (Photo credit: Janice Schilling)


Blogs about having  

LIVE Music in the Back Yard 


Gee, that was easy enough.

Peace, Y’all! 


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