I am ramblin' a bit late tonight. I'm sure that surprises very few. But there is a story I want to tell you about. In the picture, a bolo tie. They have a very interesting history, but that's not what I want to talk about. 

One Saturday Morning a few years back at the Micaville Music Jam, there was one of those "Good Times" happening, and I was right there with some of the finest Friends in the world when it happened.

One particular Friend was wearing the bolo tie in the picture. "I think that's absolutely beautiful!" was what I commented to another friend, who looked right over my shoulder to see for himself. Suddenly we're all looking at the gentleman's bolo tie, and he's wondering why. He asked, "Why?" 

I told him the first part of this story, then I added that if I ever want to be a Bona Fide cowboy folksinger, I'd have to find a bolo tie just like that. I looked again, just to admire the detail a bit.  

Before I knew it, he's handing it to me for a closer look. I looked. Closer. I handed it back and thanked him. He pushed my hand way as he said, "You're welcome."

This bolo has been on the rearview mirror of every vehicle I have owned since then. It's even been on me a few times. You never know about having out-of-state tags in Texas.



Be On the Look Out

All Points Bulletin, There's a  

Dude in a bolo.



Peace, Y'All!


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