Phreaking Eerie!

Incidents, coincidences, and occurrences of an unusual nature.

Disclaimer: The only disclaimer that I have is, I can not make this shit up.


I have been working on a stop motion video for my song Shadow's Puppet from my recent CD "I Ain't Stayin'." There have been an unusual number of "Serendipitously Synchronistic" moments while working on this project. Some were notable. A couple above "something strange in the neighborhood," but nothing like tonight. I am chilled. X!

My video has a shadow silhouette of course. There is a scene that involves the Shadow and a D.C. landmark. I was finishing another scene today that involved my silhouette. I invited Kari to see it. I appreciate her opinion. Oh nice hat, eh?

No biggie, I continue working. Later Kari notices that a friend of hers has changed his FaceBook profile picture. She sends this screenshot to me. I love it when she calls me "Dude!"

Blackness, depthless voids

Of Specters silhouetted

On our mortal world.



Peace, Y'all!




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