C'ya 2020

C'ya 2020! Had to be a damned leap year, didn't you? Had to have that one extra day, huh? We'd be near done with you if not for that thing in February, eh?

What have you done? What were your major accomplishments for the year?

There's one day left in 2020 and there's a lot of crap that I didn't get done. My last official act of 2020 will be to put off until next year what I didn't get done this year. I'll be staying up to make sure a New Year gets here and this one gets gone. I have a feeling that we''ll be looking back on this one for a long time.

Steve Martin says you can't play a sad song on the banjo. I dunno. Maybe everyone needs a $600 banjo. How about it, Mitch? Yeah, maybe I'll ring in the New Year by playing a little banjo.



With a banjo on my knee.

Don't cry Suzanna.


Peace, Y'all!



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