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Last night, I was watching a live sporting event. The voice on the TV said, “Closed captioning is brought to you by Flex Seal® and the Flex Seal® family of products.” 

That announcement was not closed captioned. The commercial for Flex Seal® and the Flex Seal® family of products was not closed captioned. That's not an effective marketing plan.

Most television I watch with closed captioning. Otherwise, I miss a lot of what’s being said. NHL games are impossible to close caption, but they try very hard. Lots of dialogue is omitted, misspelled, and lags way behind what’s happening at the time. And it covers a portion of the screen, most often where the puck is. I usually watch hockey games with the closed captioning off. Tonight, I had it on for some reason. 

Flex Seal® makes products that create a waterproof seal on just about any surface in any condition. I’ve never needed such, but I’m sure it could come in handy. 

I do use Flex-Seal® head cement. Looking at the spelling, one without and the other with a hyphen, I don’t think they’re in the same family of products. They may not be related at all. 

Head cement is probably not what you’re thinking unless you studied the picture and have seen what I am talking about. Head cement is the glue that fly tyers use to secure a whip finish head on a tied fishing fly. Currently, I’ve only found one source for my preferred product (pictured). The world has moved on to high-tech, UV light-cured epoxies and other stuff. I seem to be stuck with Flex-Seal®. 

I’ve mentioned hockey without talking about hockey. I’ve mentioned fly tying without getting into the subject of fly tying. Music and stop motion photography are also reoccurring subjects that I’m not going to talk about today. Maybe that’s all I want to talk about, closed captioning and head cement. I’ll see what my editor says. 


Flex-Seal® Head Cement 

Third cousin, big family 

Maybe adopted 


Peace, Y’all 


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