Corporate Sponsorship

“We have been trying to reach you about your car’s extended warranty.” Corporate sponsorship, that’s what I need! 

Depending on the company, I may have to limit some of the topics that I write about or possibly only write about the prospective company’s products or services. How convincing could I be peddling whatever products or services that would be of interest to my demographic? 

“X brand of toilet paper, because we’re going to have to clean the fan when all of this is over.” 

“When you’ve fallen and can’t get up, can’t get it up, can’t get to the bathroom, can’t go when you get there, have already gone when you get there, you get there and can’t remember why, want to save 15 percent in 15 minutes, rollover your minutes, but wait, there’s more! Is your home secure, are your investments secure, do you want to sell your timeshare or share a Coke® with a friend? Call now, operators are standing."



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