Creek Bank Therapy Session

Construction Junction Update: Toe kicks and handrails, that's what I’ve been doing today. That was what the building inspector said needed to be done. That’s done. I’m looking forward to outdoor events on the stage that Community built. 

This has been an interesting project, but I’m glad to be finished. There is often a feeling of relief once a project like this is done. I’m feeling it. I thought we were done yesterday. Today, I think we’re really done. 

It’s just past 9:00 pm, and so far, tomorrow almost resembles a day off. I have a couple of rehearsals, but that’s it, I hope. Hiding, somewhere on a creek bank, sounds like the best idea I’ve heard lately. I’m going “catching.” That’s a lot like fishing. I’m sure you understand the difference.  


A.M. appointment 

Creek bank therapy session 

Trout, rainbow and brown. 

Peace, Y’all! 


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