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Today is a good day to shamelessly plug recent releases from da6d Music. This is the da6d Music Official Website. Everything is here: downloads, CDs, videos, da6d Daily Ramblin’s, music, gallery … 

I have a few performance dates booked, and I'll post them soon, but there are more dates that I’d like to fill. Let’s do something grand, eh?

Poke around here a bit. I’m sure there’s something you’ll like. 

Shadow’s Puppet Official music video (Released Oct. 24, 2020) 

I Ain’t Stayin’ CD (Released Apr. 10, 2020) 

da6d Daily Ramblin’ (310 entries, published daily) 


This picture is worth only 959 words. Some additional words are necessary.

Here's a handful of cool stuff. All three CDs are available individually on the website or as a special "Get One of Everything" offer for $30. (Hardcopy CDs, Stickers, and bonus Promo EP [not shown] for "I Ain't Stayin'," shipping included). (41 words.)


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