Dark Shadows

It wasn't intentional, but as the video project evolved some of the lyrics pulled me directly toward an old TV series, Dark Shadows. "...My dark shadow follows me." The second scene zooms out from a window in the silhouette of Collinwood. That is the home of the Collins Family in the series Dark Shadows (1966-1971). The rest of that scene is compiled of several pictures that I took from my front porch. Yes, they're flipped images, but they all fit together so well.

I have already started a storyboard and script for my next project. There will certainly be a few teasers that I'll post along the way. I wonder who will be first to guess which TV show is inspiring the first scene. Cut, glue, add movement ... it's a good thing I paid attention during First Grade. Mrs. Parker would be so proud.

Here's the video to Shadow's Puppet that I keep Ramblin' on about.

Thank you, Friends, for dropping in.



Trial and error,

Mistakes become lessons learned.

Success has rewards.


Peace, Y'all


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