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First, A Word From Our Sponsor!

A few weeks ago, I published a video for the song Shadow's Puppet. Several of the scenes were a bit challenging. Some things just had to be the way they were. During a 2nd or 3rd "final," there was something strange going on right in the middle of the Abbey Street scene.

Some really weird anomaly appeared. I had no idea how it got there or how to get rid of it. If you notice a manhole appearing in the street, just know that there is something really weird under it.

What do you think it might be? Shadow's Puppet 


We now return you to your irregularly rescheduled deprogramming.


I watched Hee Haw every chance I got unless Grandma was home and watching Lawerence Welk. Roy Clark often appeared in a sketch as a hotel desk clerk. Someone would ring the bell, and Roy would stand up from behind the desk and he'd say, "Empty Arms Hotel."

Still, whenever I hear a bell like this, I immediately think of Roy Clark. 


Empty Arms Hotel

No double beds. None needed.

Down by Lonesome Lane.


Peace, Y'All!




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