Dog Day Afternoon (Not the Movie)

Poor DeO’jie. 

After her recent digestive disorders, she’s back to her steady diet of dry dog food and green beans. It was a good time to cut back on the treats. Now it’s two a day and those are medical. 

What DeO’jie misses most, popcorn. She begs, drools, sits and looks sad. That one gets me. I don’t eat popcorn in front of her anymore. Today, she’s pretending like she’s asleep and I’m grabbing small bites of popcorn. I don’t know what I’ll do if she pretends to be awake. “Hey, look over there, squirrel!” That might work. 

Let’s ramble over here for a while. I'm tying flies.This is the view at my desk this afternoon. Fish catchers, that’s what I’m making. There will be an opportunity to find a creek bank sometime soon. Today, I’m fishing from behind a desk. 

Popcorn? Not while the dog is awake.


Pheasant tail nymph tied, 

Waits, anticipates sunny 

Fishing days to come. 

Peace, Y’all! 


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