Esse Quam Videri

The Latin phrase Esse Quam Videri, “To Be Rather Than To Seem,” was chosen as the North Carolina state motto by jurist and historian Walter Clark. After Clark drafted the bill in 1893, Senator Jacob Battle of Nash County introduced the bill to the General Assembly to create this as the official state motto.  NC History

Voting citizens elect our Senators and Representatives to perform their duty as sworn ... "to support and defend The Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign and bear true faith and allegiance to the same... " Please do so. 

I demand "TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE" to The Constitution of The United States over political party. 

Be, rather than to seem. 

Thank you. 


US Senators 
Richard Burr  (202) 224-3154

Thom Tillis   (202) 224-6342  Copy/paste, click the link, fill in the blanks. Here's the link to Senators in other States. Find yours. 


NC State Motto:

"To Be Rather Than To Seem."

Means more than it says.


Peace, Y'all,



"Romani ite domum." Romans go home - Monty Python, "The Life of Brian"




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