Fishing Friends

Other than somewhere in West Germany (maybe Czech Republic) on a riverbank, I have no recollection of where these pictures were taken. I remember the fishing trip, early '90s. Sergeant First Class Phil LeBlanc and Chaplain, Major Berris “Bear” Samples were my bestest fishing Friends. 

I saw Berris a few times after my military service. We’d meet up whenever I was around Seattle, WA driving an 18-wheel truck. This is an Amazon link to Berris’s book “30 Days to Better Flycasting.” Read the reviews. Berris, Phil, and Rudi Heger taught me fly fishing. 

During Desert Storm, Phil, Berris and I got together a few times and practiced fly casting in the sandy desert. I have pictures to prove it. We also tied a couple dozen flies and Berris gave them to General Norman Schwarzkopf. I hope he caught a few fish. 

In the pictures, Phil LeBlanc with the $10 haircut and me looking mean and shaggy. I still have the NorthFace tent.


Teach a man to fish, 

You’ve done him a great favor 

He’ll never forget.

Peace, Y'all!


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