Four Weeks


You have probably heard the phrase about hindsight being 20/20? It's all about looking back at past events and wondering what we could have done differently and better. Oh, not making the same mistake twice would fall in there somewhere. Eh, that's all too much to talk about here, but there are decent, honest and moral people running for office. They are the ones to elect to public office.

If you aren't registered to vote, there's a convenient option for SAME DAY REGISTRATION AND VOTING. You can register and vote in person at one-stop sites during the early voting period, which runs from Thursday, October 15, 2020 to Saturday, October 31, 2020.

Here's more info on the multiple ways to register and vote in NC.

How to Vote in NC

'Nuff said. Y'all go VOTE!



Checks and balances 

Restore our Constitution 

Democracy Works. 

Peace, Y'all! 


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