Fried Spaghetti

Fried spaghetti. I don’t take a boiling pot with me camping. I have a medium size skillet and a big size coffee pot. That should take care of almost anything I’ll be cooking, including fried spaghetti.  

Kari has gotten rid of me for a couple of days. I’ve found a quiet creek bank to camp beside. Intensive Creek Bank Therapy. I’ve been educating fish all day. I’ll do a bit more as part of this therapy program. It seems to be progressing well.  

In some of the still pools of water I saw frogs. Frogs in various stages of development. They have an interesting lifecycle. Egg, tadpole, pollywog, then frog. After all that, your legs are $12.99 a pound when in season.  

It’s almost dark here. I have a campfire. Tonight will be a good night. Tomorrow for breakfast, fried oatmeal. 


Tadpoles, pollywogs,            

Frog legs fried $12.99.

They taste like chicken.  


Peace, Y’all, 


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