Game On!

Chicago. I’ve never been there other than dropping by to say “Hi" from some nearby airport. Last night, I watched the Carolina Hurricanes play the Chicago Blackhawks. At one point, I’m thinking the Blackhawks are playing a really strong game … Score! Well damn, I guess they heard me. I’ll pull for Chicago against most teams, not against the Carolina Hurricanes. 

Going into the final minutes of the game the score is tied at 3-3. John Forslund is the play-by-play announcer. I didn’t get the color commentator’s name, but the best I could figure, he’s a retired NASA scientist that hops curbs at Sonic on weekends and part-times as a hockey broadcast color commentator.  

Game tied at 3-3, just minutes remaining, the quantity of knowledge of the entire universe was greatly expanded. Here's what John Forslund's broadcast partner declares. “The biggest goal of the game. Coming up next.” Genius!

Jesper Fast scored the game-winning goal with 0:29 left in regulation play. The Carolina Hurricanes won 4-3.

This still pales in comparison to John Forslund’s former color commentator and broadcast partner, Tripp Tracy. I’ll never forget Tripp Tracy’s famous line, “The only question remaining, along with all the other questions, blah, blah, blah …” Classic! Tripp likes to talk. 

The Hurricanes had lost Tuesday night’s game against the Blackhawks, 2-1. I had to break out heavy artillery. It worked. That's my Cam Ward jersey and Kevin Weekes (da6d Daily Ramblin') jersey. Yep, that old. I am a goalie fan.


No more hockey posts 

One week, promise. But, that’s all. 

Fishing, anyone?

Peace, Y'all!



I wrote a da6d Daily Ramblin' about John Forslund a few weeks ago. My favorite play-by-play commentator.

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