The backyard stage/deck at OOAK had an official Ribbon Cutting today with the Yancey County Chamber of Commerce. We also had a Jam. There was jam cake and red velvet cake from Maples. Micaville Music had t-shirts for the construction crew. It was a grand Official Opening of the backyard deck at OOAK. Thank you, Kari.

After all that, there was still cake left over, so somebody thought maybe having a birthday party might be nice. Good idea. Since I was born on this day 59 years ago, I volunteered. My Mom brought sweet potato casserole and balloons, Thank you, Mom.

This is my first time being 59 years old; my last practice year before turning 60. 

I may need to take some time and develop a “grouchy mean” attitude. I think that might suit me. I’ve been practicing. Here’s this. “Hey, you pesky kids, get off of my lawn!” {{fist shake}} How’s that? 

What do old men do? I must find out quickly and get busy. I am closer to old than I’ve ever been. I may claim to be “59” for several more years if I can’t figure out “geezerdom.” 

I might start counting birthdays backwards next year. By the time I get to zero, I'll probably be dead.


Old and Crotchety                             

“Pesky kids, get off my lawn!” 

“Turn that music down.” 


That last line just didn’t feel right. D’ya know what I mean? 

Peace, Y’all! 



  • Clyde
    Clyde Mars Hill
    Wish I could have been there.

    Wish I could have been there.

  • David Wiseman -da6d
    David Wiseman -da6d
    I missed you terribly, Clyde.

    I missed you terribly, Clyde.

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