Go Fly a Kite

Months ago, I told Kari about my idea for making a stop-motion video for my song "Shadow's Puppet." She told me to go fly a kite. I did, Well, not quite.

I made a small kite from construction paper and then I took 1026 pictures of it. I took the photos by moving the miniature kite just a very tiny bit in between each shot against a green background. The next step was to crop every photo, then using the chroma key to "remove the green." In that process, everything that was green becomes transparent. That produced 34.2 seconds of video footage.

I'm stumbling through and learning this as I go along. Youtube has been a huge help, and there is plenty more for me to learn.

I used the kite in two scenes. The first was in the Collinwood Scene (Dark Shadow TV soap opera 1966-1971). The cutout of the large mansion on the hill is a silhouette of the House of Collinwood from the old tv show. Who'd say I don't have a sense of humor?

The second scene was the Oz Boy with a kite. That took only 24 photos to make the stop-motion work, but I used the same 24 frames twice to get the double kite effect before the line "Time to put toys on the shelf..."  

See what you think: Shadow's Puppet

I hope to remember everything I've learned so that I won't be so blind in the woods when working on my next project. Soon, eh?


Shadows follow me.

Stretched long and thin, fading in

The puppeteer's hand.


Peace, Y'all!








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