Golf, Anyone?

Golf is not the sport for me. Maybe, 1979 or so, I played 14 holes with a borrowed set of clubs. That's when I reached the conclusion that if I have time for golf, I have time for fishing. "Fore!"

The game of golf seems to have originated in Scotland. My guess would be by the most bored person on the planet. Then they found the second most bored person on the planet and began devising various methods of breaking clubs after a bad shot. This is a necessary part of the game, as far as I can tell. It's always the club's fault.

Next, they created really silly looking costumes to wear so that people seeing them would know they're golfers and leave them alone. Otherwise, they would just be a couple of idiots whacking balls with a stick. That concept subsequently migrated to other sports as well.

Two dogs observing a game of golf, one commented to the other, "It's like fetch, without the dog. That's all I can figure."

While in Germany, I did note that the practice of dressing up silly had made its way to the proper sport of fly fishing. I prefer "cut-off denims and a pair of Keds" as appropriate fishing attire; shirts optional.

The picture: Iraq, Desert Storm 1991 with Chaplin Major Berris Sample to the left, to the right, SPC Ben Ellis. I'm in the middle. We'd spent the afternoon exchanging fly casting tips and tying flies. I recall Maj. Sample sent the flies to Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf.

Just to keep this story tied together, there were people whacking golfballs also. We were all dressed about the same.



Hackle, hairs, and hooks,

Line and leader; anglers' tools.

Beware Ye sand sharks!


Peace, Y'all!



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