Got Goose?

The Chasers of Wild Geese National Federation: Local Chapter Weekly Report 

The CWGNF held their weekly meeting recently. Yesterday’s wild goose chase involved following a dump truck on Highway 197 South, up Bolen’s Creek, back on 197 South to the rock quarry. I found a driver that committed to call me Wednesday morning and deliver a load of gravel. 

Wednesday morning: no call, no gravel. 

Wild Geese: 1
d6ad           : 0 

Just a reminder: The Chasers of Wild Geese National Federation membership applications and renewals are now being accepted. If you have already submitted an application, go ahead and submit another. We have probably lost your first submission. If this your initial application, please submit the application in duplicate. We are going to lose at least one. Check, cash and credit card are accepted and must accompany each application. 

One of the first written mentions of a wild goose chase was in William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1592. The term wild goose chase also referred to a type of horse race where the leader rides in whichever directions they choose and everyone else has to follow.

By the way, I still need a dump truck load of gravel delivered. 

Chasers of Wild Geese 

National Federation 

Application lost.


Peace, Y’all! 


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