Ground Hog Day

February 2nd, 2021: Babies that were due to be born today saw their shadows. Sorry Moms, six more weeks. 

February 2nd, 2338: Lt. Commander Data was/will be found by Star Fleet on this date 337 years into the future.  Data (Star Trek: Next Generation) was created by Doctor Noonien Soong.   

Data (Star Trek) wiki link 

February 2nd, 1949: American actor Brent Spiner was born in Houston, Texas. He didn’t see his shadow. Brent Spiner is best known for his portrayal of Lt. Commander in Star Trek: Next Generation.

Brent Spiner wiki link

Today is sausage day. That’s ground hog at its finest! 

“I saw my shadow!” 

Hack meteorologist, 

Punxsutawney Phil. 

Peace, Y’all! 



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