Things come up, ya' know? Like days that always end, right on time, all the time. Right there's what's on my mind. Time. I miss a deadline or nine every once in a while and again.

That's why I'm here at this hour and everyone else is doing that "visions of sugarplums dancing in their heads," except for sure, Janice Schilling. While I'm trying to beat a dead lion (we take turns), she waits patiently for me to finish these da6d Daily Ramblins'. She does the editing. She is a 5th Level Jedi Master of Punctuation with a Minor in Dangling Participles. I'm grateful for what she does. <3

Tonight I was apologizing to her for being so tardy. Feeling tardy or not I did offer these words: "My delinquency should not become habit" veiling, said the nun almost Superiorly, Sister.

That veil idea stuck in my head. It reminded me of something I usually carry in my back pocket. A hankie, a handkerchief, bandana, some kind of something rag. My favorites are HAV-A-HANK. Carolina made and a good quality product. It would seem ironic if a back pocket "Cowboy Flag" said "Made in China."


Made here, planet Earth.

Aren't we all? Not to sneeze at

Some other planets.


'Kay, that was a bit of a ramble, eh? Join me tomorrow for another da6d Daily Ramblin's. 


Peace, Y'all!



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