Have You Herd?

Have You Herd? I have half a herd. I’m sure it takes more than two cows to make a herd. 

If You read yesterday’s da6d Daily Ramblin’, you know what I’m doing with the cows. I did a couple of stop motion animations for a video as part of Micaville Music’s 2020 BobFest. After that, I immediately began working on a full-length stop motion video for my song Shadow’s Puppet. That video was released on 10/10/2020.  

I’m now making another stop motion video. This one is for my song Bring The Rain from the same CD, I Ain’t Stayin’

Between yesterday and today, I have two cows. I have made parts for two more cows and one bull. Unless something udderly unexpected happens, these will be part of a scene in my next video. 



Hey, diddle diddle,  

I will jump over the moon. 

When cats play fiddles. 


Peace, Y’all! 


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